Backwaters of TamilNadu

An unknown destination. Many people think there isn’t a backwater destination in TamilNadu which lookalike Kerala. They are wrong. TamilNadu has its own Backwater destination. Yes, you read it right! Indeed TN is blessed to have “Pichavaram“, a backwater destination.

Boating in Pichavaram backwaters

We have parked our vehicle in the parking and entered the premises and wondered to see this beauty amidst the hot sun around. We couldn’t resist ourselves and we took a row boat to explore the mangrove forest as the motor boats will not be able to go through the small canals in which these row boats could pass easily.

Started our journey with the excitement the boat man took us very near to the mangrove tress, that we could even those trees. While we were in the middle of our expedition, we saw a man walking slowly with a long stick and catching fish. It is really a good experience to go in the small canals and take pictures. The boatman will offer an extended ride in the boat to the other side of the forests/interior if we pay him extra.

There is a watch tower in the entrance which we didn’t go due to time constraints, but worth to watch the aerial view of the mangrove forests. It is not advisable to go during March – July when the sun is too hot. You can also visit the Tranquebar (Tharangambadi), where there is a ruined Danish fort (Fort Dansborg) and a museum with the devices used during the colonial period.

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